Winter Vibes

I had a bunch of people asking me on instagram where I got my boots and skirt from, so I figured I would just make a full on post about the entire outfit!

Living in Florida, especially such a southern part of Florida, means it doesn’t get very cold. At most, it usually drops to the 50s. Which is cold enough for me to whip out the turtle neck and thigh high boots. So for this specific day I decided to do both!

I loved my mom’s skirt she bought so I decided to borrow it from her closet for the day and pair it with my favorite boots and leather jacket. The skirt had a nice pop of color so it was super easy to match with the black boots and leather jacket. I like how short the skirt is, it was almost like it was meant for how high the boots go. Tweed is super in in the fall and winter and I’m so glad I snagged the skirt, it’s such a classy easy to wear fabric.

It took me literally a week and a half to find a plain black turtle neck, and you’d be surprised I looked EVERYWHERE. I finally found one after almost giving up, on my third trip to Forever21 hanging on a random rack and it just happened to be my size. So I guess I lucked out! I tied it all together with my Frame Moto Jacket that I bought while I worked at Saks ages ago, it’s my go to jacket when I want to darken the outfit up and also keep it classic. It’s got silver accents so it literally goes with everything. I always feel like such a bad ass when I pair this jacket and these boots. A little bit of biker gang vibes, and I love it. Tie it in with a suuuper straight upper pony tail and BOOM you have a killer look.

Skirt (While writing this, I guess they don’t actually sell the same color skirt online anymore but here’s a similar one!)
Similar Boots
Moto Jacket

Let's Save Our Oceans

How many of you use plastic bags? Okay, so how many of you REUSE those same plastic bags?

Not too many of us reuse those plastic bags until they just can’t be used anymore. I know I used to keep them in a bigger bag and they used to just sit in my kitchen closet….which I guess is better than the ocean but not by much.

Facts About Plastic ….And Our Oceans

  1. One singular plastic cup takes OVER 60 years to FULLY decompose. That’s right….your grandchildren will still have to deal with your stupid solo cup.

  2. That plastic bag that you just threw out, when it makes it to the ocean can single handedly killed over 1 million sea creatures a year.

  3. It’s estimated that over 13 billion POUNDS of plastic trash is dumped into OUR oceans every year. That’s a lot.

  4. By the year 2050 (just 32 years) plastic will outweigh living creatures in the ocean.

  5. Only 1% of all plastic bags are actually returned to recycle.

But there’s good news…

I Will Take Care of You is a brand that is helping fight for our oceans and environments welfare. 50% of all of their profits that they receive from their online storefront that has adorable t-shirts AND this super handy REUSABLE bag goes to National Marine Sanctuaries. Who in return, are fighting to protect our underwater treasures. (And believe me, there are TRILLIONS)

By purchasing one of these bags, you are helping save our oceans by not letting another plastic bag find it’s way into the ocean. For just $12 you can make a contribution to your ocean and help keep it clean. You can use these bags to grocery shop, clothing shop, put your lunch in, or even just carry it around to show off that you love to save your planet.


If you’d like to browse their store and pick a few things out, head over to their website.
I Will Take Care Of You

If you’d like to purchase my bag (it comes in two color schemes)

If you’d like to learn more about The National Marine Sanctuaries, click here.

Dermalogica Blackhead Clearing Fizz Mask


So I LOVE all thinks skincare, masks, gels, creams, everything! Recently, I was sent an adorable sample of Dermalogica’s new Blackhead Clearing Fizz Mask and holy cow let me start off by saying it was so much fun to do. I’ve done other fizzy masks before but they never really felt like they were fizzing, more of just a thick weird cream on my face, and a few of them were pretty expensive….which was such a let down.

So I tried Dermalogica’s Blackhead Clearing Fizz Mask and even just after one use on my nose and my chin I can see a huge difference. I’d totally post a before and after pic but I didn’t have time and totally forgot…so maybe next time I do it I will. The mask itself uses different ingredients like Sulfur which actually provides anti-microbial properties to help keep your skin clear, Kaolin Clay to absorb oil and apple fruit extract to help hydrate the skin, and also the best part is that it’s Gluten free, paraben free and my personal fav is that it’s Cruelty free.



  • treats blackheads

  • Controls overly oily skin

  • The oxygenated mask fizzes to help clear pores and really target the blackheads

How To Use

  • Clean your skin!

  • Apply the mask to where you feel like you have the most blackheads

  • Wait about 3 to 5 minutes for it to REALLY start to fizz, mine started to fizz immediately which, I’m hoping that doesn’t mean I’m just dirty lol

  • Rinse off, and apply your fav Dermalogica product afterwards. I followed up with the Sound Sleep Cocoon just because I love the way it smells and it always leaves my skin super smooth in the morning.

So over all I loved this mask, and I’m definitely going to be adding it to my weekly routine. I felt it start fizzing immediately on my skin as soon as I applied it. It doesn’t have an overly strong chemical smell at all. It’s not very abrasive either, I have horribly sensitive skin and usually I’m super hesitant to try new skin products but I really liked this one. The packaging is adorable and brightly colored to really stand out against all the other products you’ll find on the shelf.

To purchase The Dermalogica Blackhead Clearing Fizz Mask, Click HERE
And use my discount! BYEBYEBREAKOUT for 15% off your Clear Start Purchase.

This was definitely 10/10 for me.

When Florida Says, "Cold Front" I Say, "Leather Jacket Biker Gang"

So this week every local news channel told us that SWFL was going to get hit with a cold front….I mean if you consider 90 a cold front….then sure!

So I tried something a little(a lot) different for a change…usually I’m more into the super comfy and cozy looks but this week I went for more of an intense look. I’m usually always in black at work so this wasn’t any different for me BUT the top, obviously and the jeans…I’m not a huge fan of jeans because even after going to Saks and Nordys, I still can’t find a nice soft stretchy pair of higher waisted jeans that don’t get stretched out after the first time you wear them. I’ve had these Frame denim jeans in my closet for a few years, ever since I was a brand ambassador for denim at Saks. I have a few pairs of Frame, Paige and 7 For All Man Kind but these are definitely my go to when I have to wear denim.

I kind of went really out of my own way with this look, Kim K inspired and everything.

So here are the details for this outfit:
The Leather Jacket: Iro Leather Moto Jacket
Similar Leather Jacket: Forever 21 Vegan Leather Jacket
Frame Jeans: Le Color Distressed Denim
The Lingerie corset is from sooo long ago, I’m honestly not sure if Victoria Secret still makes the same one BUT Forever21 has some of the CUTEST ones for fairly cheap too.
The Boots (which so many of you have already DM’d me on Insta about)
Similar Boots

10 Things I CAN'T Live Without

So, while trying to think about what I really couldn’t live without, I realized how simple of a human I really am. I mean other than my expensive taste in clothing and overly pickiness when it comes to food…..but other than that I feel like I’m pretty simple.

  1. My dog, he’s my service dog and my best pal. Thor is a medical alert dog, and can alert someone if I’m having an epileptic seizure AND fetch items for me when I can’t get them. (He loves to carry groceries up the stairs in trade for treats and pets.)

  2. My camera, I’ve always been a photography freak, and honestly if I didn’t have that outlet, I wouldn’t’ know what to do with my time. I love capturing nature, people, love, events, everything you can think of. I just feel like it brings another whole level of appreciation to what you’re capturing.

  3. Dr. Pepper, I used to be a HUGE Pepsi fan but honestly, I’m currently obsessing over Dr, Pepper, not sure why, but I do, I know a lot of people tell me it tastes like cough medicine, but I just don’t taste that.

  4. House Plants, ever since I was little, I’ve always loved plants and gardening. I used to have a tiny little square garden in my parents backyard where I grew lots of different things ( or tried to) and I would water all of their plants around their house. I have a few around my house now, and most of them are Golden Pothos and I love them. They’re my favorite house plant. They’re easy to grow, they thrive in almost any house AND they grow SUPER long. I recently was told I have less than a 10% chance of ever having children unless I start a whole process of hormones and IVF in order to ever have a child, or just resort to adoption. Those that know me know I was a preschool teacher a few years ago, and I loved my kids. I’ve always wanted kids but after I received that news I decided even though I can’t have kids, I can still raise and grow something beautiful. So house plants, plants in general will always mean a lot to me. I kind of don’t feel hole if I don’t have a plant around.

  5. Papa Johns, don’t ask me why, but I’ve been obsessed with Papa Johns pizza forever. It’s literally the only corp. pizza I like. And Kyle and I did the math….we order from our local PJ every week….

  6. Traveling, I love to travel. It’s my biggest dream to travel the entire 50 states in a renovated VW bus and see everything I need to see…which could take A LONG TIME but I love to travel. I love to see new places, new things, meet people from other places. I feel like I’ll never figure out where I want to live permanently because every time I visit a new place I fall in love and want to live there.

  7. Music, I’ve been a music lover since I was little. My mom would play Kenny G. to get me to take naps after our beach trips and I listen to so many different types and genres of music for so many different moods. When I’m hyped, when I’m tired, when I’m sad, when I’m lonely, or stressed. There’s a song for everything and I really feel like without it I wouldn’t be able to connect to myself on a deeper level.

  8. CHOCOLATE, I’m not sure if you’ve read my facts about me post but if you did, then you know I HAVE to have dessert before bed..and pretty much any time I want it. Chocolate makes me break out BUT ya girl still needs her fix. It’s so comforting cuddling up with a blanket and a tv show and something chocolate; ice cream, pop tart, fudge ANYTHING.

  9. My parents, I’m an only child and my parents and I are super close. We always have been. I’ve moved back and forth between their house and my own once or twice but I go there almost every day after work to see them and hang out and steal a little bit of dinner or food…or toilet paper..whatever I need LOL. They’ve always been overly supportive and always willing to go the extra mile to make my life better and make me happy. I’m super lucky to have them.

  10. Kyle, yep. It’s time to get sappy, I promise this won’t turn into a love story but if we’re being completely honest, I couldn’t live without him. I’ve tried while he’s been on tour and it’s extremely hard to just do simple tasks without him. He’s my best friend and my rock and I’m so lucky to have him living this life with me. He makes me feel so special and so strong and keeps me so positive and makes me really believe in myself more than I ever have.

Wishful Thinking

Day two of the blogging challenge is:

What is your dream job?

My dream job would most definitely be owning my own business, I’ve worked in so many boutique styled stores that I really loved working in a small family oriented business. My favorite part of it was the fact that we were able pick what inventory was coming in, constantly making new lifetime customers and always being on trend!

I imagine my boutique would most likely be pretty small, but big enough to fit lots of clothes, a few shoes and accessories as well. It’d be the most popular, poppin place in the city too.

20 Facts About Me

So while Kyle is on tour, I decided I would accept the 30 day blog challenge and get some work flowing instead of sitting on the couch and be a potato.

So day 1 is 20 Facts About Yourself

  1. I’m a natural redhead, my mom and her mom were both redheads, as I got older I didn’t want red hair anymore because I wanted something different and decided to ombre my hair from my natural color to more of a cool blonde. I always go back and forth on if I want to be blonde or redhead, eventually I’ll decide.

  2. I’m born and raised in Naples! I’ve been here since forever, I’ve moved to a few different places like Pennsylvania and I’d love to move again, especially somewhere where I can see the seasons change, like North Carolina or somewhere pretty!

  3. My full name is Madeline Paige Bruener, that’s where I got my blog name, my business name too! I’ve always loved the way Madeline Paige flowed, what better way to brand yourself than using your own name?

  4. I’m a huge introvert, I hate that part about myself. But I’m working on it! And constantly working with brands and new local bloggers really helps me open up and meet new interesting people with similar interests!

  5. I have 14 tattoos, all of them are traditional style besides one of them! Traditional is my favorite, right now I’m working on my arm and it’s just black and grey, but I’m not sure what else I want to add.

  6. I’m an only child!

  7. I played soccer and ran track in middle school and high school until I seriously injured my knee, I was so upset because running was my favorite thing to do!

  8. I have a German Shepherd x Great Dane named Thor, he’s about 120 pounds and is my big handsome love bug!

  9. My favorite food is dessert food! I always have to have some type of dessert before bed otherwise I can’t sleep!

  10. I’m a worrier, I worry about everything. Constantly. I overthink a lot and I can’t stop it unless I completely get my mind off of it; which can be really hard sometimes. But I’ve found that having such an understanding person in my life really helps.

  11. I watch Friends or That’s 70s Show every night turned way down on the tv so that I can fall asleep. I’m glad Kyle’s okay with it, otherwise there would be some issues!!

  12. I’m a super loud talker, I’m not sure why but I always have been. A lot of people think I’m just obnoxious but it’s just how I am, I can’t whisper to save my life.

  13. One day I want to open and run my own boutique somewhere outside of Florida, I’ve always worked boutique type jobs and I really want to own my own, pick what clothing and accessories come in, style my clients and have one of the most popular places in whatever city I decide to open up in!

  14. I’ve always been interested in photography, ever since I was little I always had one of those disposable film cameras with me. Most of the time they turned out to be of people’s bums because I was so short but it quickly blossomed into my passion and my business!

  15. Kyle wanted me to put this one: I love pickles, I could eat them all day, like 8 in a row! My grandma used to tell me I would make myself sick because I ate so many!

  16. I love plants and flowers! I have so many at the house now, if you’ve been to my house you’d know! Once Kyle and I have a better backyard I’m going to have a big beautiful garden.

  17. I’m definitely a morning person, I used to be a night owl but as I got older I became more of a morning bird. I’d rather start my day early than be out all night! Kyle is the opposite, so I always end up falling asleep before him lol

  18. I eventually want to move out of Florida permentely, I’ve lived here for so long I’m so over the palm trees and hot weather, I want a pretty mountain view and seasons!

  19. I used to be a preschool teacher! My high school had a preschool and we were able to learn and study in class while also putting together teaching lessons, I graduated high school with my normal HS diploma and my teaching studies done! I taught at a preschool for 3 years after high school before deciding to take my life in another direction….FASHION!

  20. I love poetry! I have every Lang Leav book and I’m still collecting lots more! It’s my favorite thing to do in my down time before bed.


Rituals Experience

Close your eyes, remember the last time you were at a spa. The peaceful music, the light, relaxing smells, the warm towels. Now open your eyes….you’re not at the spa are you? You’re probably at work, reading this on your phone wishing you were at the spa.

What would you say if I told you you could have a spa night every night?

You can.

Rituals is a company that creates luxury spa like products for you to use at home. From shower gels and foams, even oils and lotions. With their products, real love and passion goes into each and every product made. They study places like India and Japan, and discover their own rituals that they used on our ancestors to keep our Mind, Body and Soul balanced.

I tried the Ritual of Ayurveda shower foam and body cream; I fell in love with both the first time I used them. The scent alone was enough to put me right in the middle of relaxation.


So a little bit about the Ritual Of Ayurveda - The main focus is to create a perfect form of balance in our lives. Ancient wisdom from India tells us that we can do this and improve your health and well being by cleansing and keeping your energy nourished.

They use ingredients like Indian Rose, which is the universal symbol for purity and love, and Almond oil which is rich in proteins and vitamins but is also very mild, so if you have sensitive skin, like me, this would be a perfect fit for you.

I have overly sensitive skin, like it’s kind of annoying if I’m being honest. Especially when I have to shave. Everything burns, gives me a rash or I have horrible red bumps all over my legs. When I used this shower foam, it reminded me of a normal shaving foam but immediately I realized this foam was much richer, the scent was more relaxing and I didn’t have razor bumps after I shaved. You only need a tiny bit to create a rich foam for your entire body.


Once I got out of the shower, I used the Ayurveda body cream and wow that was like heaven in a jar. The cream is thick, but not thick enough to leave you feeling like you need to reshower. The scent was so relaxing and calming, my entire body felt like I had just left the spa and crawled into bed.


Below I’ve linked the two products I tried and LOVED

Rituals Website
The Ritual of Ayurveda Shower Foam- $15
The Ritual of Ayurveda Body Cream- $33

How To Dress For Fall....Without The Fall Weather

Everyone loves fall for one reason or another,

I think a lot of us love fall because of all of the adorable clothing we get to wear and the SHOES. OH the SHOES….
One thing I’ve gotten used to while living in Florida, is that 9 times of out 10 is that it won’t be cold enough for fall, to wear fall clothes. Maybe in late December and Janurary but that’s not Fall! I guess we kind of force ourselves to wear these super cute clothes even when we’re dying under them.

Here’s my little guide to dressing for fall without the fall weather!

Layers layers LAYERS,

it’s the easiest way to make your regular summer dress a little more fall appropriate. One thing I always resort to is getting a nice lighter weight cardigan or even just an oversized button down. I love the tan and more warm tones, that’s my first go, throw some warmer shades in the outfit and BOOM you could go from summer 18 to fall 18 in 2 seconds.

Chunky Sweaters for DAYS

One of my favorite things to do in fall is wear big chunky sweaters, they turn any outfit into a fall look. I also love big heavier textures, corduroy pants and even skirts can do the trick. I try to stick to sweaters that can still be pleasing to my body type instead of just HUGE baggy sweaters because sometimes your bodies can get lost in all that fabric. I’ve found a few at F21 but my favorite one came from Saks. I throw it over my skater skirts and they always look super adorable, and generally because I’m in a skirt I’m never too hot.


Adventuring to Asheville, North Carolina

Eats, Shopping and Activities of Asheville

I finally made my way up to North Carolina, and let me tell you was it beautiful. Probably the most beautiful place I’ve been in a very long time. The food, the people, the view, I don’t have a single complaint. 

When we arrived Monday night, we decided to head into town to see what we could get for dinner and see what all the down town area had. Most of the places were closed by the time we had parked the car, but we stumbled upon this super cool pizza place right on Biltmore Ave, called, Manicomio. A little pizza pie place that had AMAZING pizza, the sauce just did it for me. I’m all about mom and pop pizza places but this one topped every pizza place I’ve been to. Ever. They had cool art and plants all over, superman and spider man were hanging from the lights on the ceiling and they had a little outdoor patio as well. You could order by the slice or order an entire pie, and the slices are MASSIVE.  We ordered two slices and they ended up giving us two slices for FREE. Everyone that works there is extremely polite and very down to earth. 

pizza logo.jpg

  One thing I noticed about Downtown Asheville is that it’s chalked full of little locally owned boutiques. There’s only maybe two or three chains (Urban Outfitters and a few hotels) so it makes it feel super homey and gives it a comforting feel. The entire down town district is probably about 6 city blocks total but there were so many things to look at and see that we ended up being able to spread it out over 5 days and seeing new things each time. We explored a lot during those days and found so many cute places to go into.  

What do Ducks and Tacos have in common?

Well….ask the local White Duck Taco Shop on Biltmore ave. Which let me start off by saying, I’m EXTREMELY picky when it comes to my tacos, but immediately this place won my heart. Their menu alone is mind blowing, they have so many different selections and creations and a lot of them are a little out of the ordinary, but let me tell you, they’re delicious. Kyle ordered the Duck with Mole and I had the black bean(super boring, I know) and both of us split the chips and salsa. They’re served in baskets and they come perfect stuffed with everything in them. The inside of the restaurant is super original and has a massive portrait of their logo and I’m living for it. They also have a nice patio to enjoy the weather and also enjoy some super yummy tacos. 

What’s all the BUZZ about?

A super cool part of Asheville is that just about every store and restaurant has a bee sticker in the window, and we found out later that it’s to promote Asheville’s local celebration of pollination and show which shops support the education of why we truly needs bees. We stumbled upon a local shop called, “Bee Charmer” where they sell their own raw honey as well as accessories and skin care items. They even have honey from all around the world to literally create the best selection of raw honey. We sampled a few different flavors of honey, and let me tell you, they were all delicious. If I could have, I would have brought every single one home, including their spicy BBQ flavors for Kyle to use when we cook! I decided to take home the local Asheville Bee Charmer Lavender-Infused Honey after trying it at their tasting station. They also had some body butters that I really wanted to take home, my favorite was the lavender one(can you tell what my favorite scent is?). It immediately made my hands smell so nice and feel so smooth. I’m kinda sad I didn’t snag it up before we left.   

Keeping it Local


One of my favorite places that I stumbled upon on our last day downtown was a little boutique called Embellish on Broadway St. It’s a super simple very well thought out boutique that has everything from jewelry accessories to home accessories ; candles, purses, leather keychains, wallets, cookware, etc. I instantly fell in love with the entire store when I walked in. We were greeted by !!!!!!!! And she was super friendly and extremely helpful when asking about cool local places to explore as well as tips on our trip to Talullah Falls in GA. I was in the store for about 15 minutes because I didn’t want to leave, there were so many cool things to look at and I wanted to buy just about everything I picked up. I decided to go simple, and I bought a North Carolina floral pillow to add to the dozens of other pillow I have on our bed back in Naples as well as a wooden carved outline of the state of North Carolina so that I could always remember our trip. I already have them both placed at the house and every time I see them I smile. 

Saying Goodbye…

I’m really going to miss Asheville, it was such an amazing experience and for a town that might seem so small, there are so many incredible things to do and see. I was so sad to pack up our car and leave our little tree house AirBnB. I’m going to miss the mountains and all the beautiful views that Asheville had to offer. The people, the places, the activities were all so wonderful. If you’re ever in North Carolina, you HAVE to make a trip to Asheville. You’ll instantly feel at home and part of a massive local family that you’ve known you’re entire life. 

Warm Colors Cool Weather

Kyle and I leave tomorrow bright and early to head to North Carolina for our vacation, and I'm so excited. The weather may not be exactly what I had planned for, but I'll take what I can get. (Let's hope this hurricane doesn't wash us away!) I was hoping for a little bit more cooler weather, but it looks like it'll be a little on the warm side. I still decided to pack a TON of stuff (let's be real I probably don't even need half of it, but I have to be prepared for anything and everything.) some stuff for the cooler weather and a few things for the warm days. I went with a warmer color pallet and lots of big oversized sweaters! 


Let's GO!

So Kyle and I leave for North Carolina on Monday and I couldn’t be more excited. We have so many things planned to do and I can’t wait to see the trees and the leaves and all the mountains. I’m excited to see a different type of landscape other than Florida for once..



We’re a little nervous because hurricane Florence may or may not comes straight for N.C on Friday. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what the weather brings!