20 Facts About Me

So while Kyle is on tour, I decided I would accept the 30 day blog challenge and get some work flowing instead of sitting on the couch and be a potato.

So day 1 is 20 Facts About Yourself

  1. I’m a natural redhead, my mom and her mom were both redheads, as I got older I didn’t want red hair anymore because I wanted something different and decided to ombre my hair from my natural color to more of a cool blonde. I always go back and forth on if I want to be blonde or redhead, eventually I’ll decide.

  2. I’m born and raised in Naples! I’ve been here since forever, I’ve moved to a few different places like Pennsylvania and I’d love to move again, especially somewhere where I can see the seasons change, like North Carolina or somewhere pretty!

  3. My full name is Madeline Paige Bruener, that’s where I got my blog name, my business name too! I’ve always loved the way Madeline Paige flowed, what better way to brand yourself than using your own name?

  4. I’m a huge introvert, I hate that part about myself. But I’m working on it! And constantly working with brands and new local bloggers really helps me open up and meet new interesting people with similar interests!

  5. I have 14 tattoos, all of them are traditional style besides one of them! Traditional is my favorite, right now I’m working on my arm and it’s just black and grey, but I’m not sure what else I want to add.

  6. I’m an only child!

  7. I played soccer and ran track in middle school and high school until I seriously injured my knee, I was so upset because running was my favorite thing to do!

  8. I have a German Shepherd x Great Dane named Thor, he’s about 120 pounds and is my big handsome love bug!

  9. My favorite food is dessert food! I always have to have some type of dessert before bed otherwise I can’t sleep!

  10. I’m a worrier, I worry about everything. Constantly. I overthink a lot and I can’t stop it unless I completely get my mind off of it; which can be really hard sometimes. But I’ve found that having such an understanding person in my life really helps.

  11. I watch Friends or That’s 70s Show every night turned way down on the tv so that I can fall asleep. I’m glad Kyle’s okay with it, otherwise there would be some issues!!

  12. I’m a super loud talker, I’m not sure why but I always have been. A lot of people think I’m just obnoxious but it’s just how I am, I can’t whisper to save my life.

  13. One day I want to open and run my own boutique somewhere outside of Florida, I’ve always worked boutique type jobs and I really want to own my own, pick what clothing and accessories come in, style my clients and have one of the most popular places in whatever city I decide to open up in!

  14. I’ve always been interested in photography, ever since I was little I always had one of those disposable film cameras with me. Most of the time they turned out to be of people’s bums because I was so short but it quickly blossomed into my passion and my business!

  15. Kyle wanted me to put this one: I love pickles, I could eat them all day, like 8 in a row! My grandma used to tell me I would make myself sick because I ate so many!

  16. I love plants and flowers! I have so many at the house now, if you’ve been to my house you’d know! Once Kyle and I have a better backyard I’m going to have a big beautiful garden.

  17. I’m definitely a morning person, I used to be a night owl but as I got older I became more of a morning bird. I’d rather start my day early than be out all night! Kyle is the opposite, so I always end up falling asleep before him lol

  18. I eventually want to move out of Florida permentely, I’ve lived here for so long I’m so over the palm trees and hot weather, I want a pretty mountain view and seasons!

  19. I used to be a preschool teacher! My high school had a preschool and we were able to learn and study in class while also putting together teaching lessons, I graduated high school with my normal HS diploma and my teaching studies done! I taught at a preschool for 3 years after high school before deciding to take my life in another direction….FASHION!

  20. I love poetry! I have every Lang Leav book and I’m still collecting lots more! It’s my favorite thing to do in my down time before bed.