10 Things I CAN'T Live Without

So, while trying to think about what I really couldn’t live without, I realized how simple of a human I really am. I mean other than my expensive taste in clothing and overly pickiness when it comes to food…..but other than that I feel like I’m pretty simple.

  1. My dog, he’s my service dog and my best pal. Thor is a medical alert dog, and can alert someone if I’m having an epileptic seizure AND fetch items for me when I can’t get them. (He loves to carry groceries up the stairs in trade for treats and pets.)

  2. My camera, I’ve always been a photography freak, and honestly if I didn’t have that outlet, I wouldn’t’ know what to do with my time. I love capturing nature, people, love, events, everything you can think of. I just feel like it brings another whole level of appreciation to what you’re capturing.

  3. Dr. Pepper, I used to be a HUGE Pepsi fan but honestly, I’m currently obsessing over Dr, Pepper, not sure why, but I do, I know a lot of people tell me it tastes like cough medicine, but I just don’t taste that.

  4. House Plants, ever since I was little, I’ve always loved plants and gardening. I used to have a tiny little square garden in my parents backyard where I grew lots of different things ( or tried to) and I would water all of their plants around their house. I have a few around my house now, and most of them are Golden Pothos and I love them. They’re my favorite house plant. They’re easy to grow, they thrive in almost any house AND they grow SUPER long. I recently was told I have less than a 10% chance of ever having children unless I start a whole process of hormones and IVF in order to ever have a child, or just resort to adoption. Those that know me know I was a preschool teacher a few years ago, and I loved my kids. I’ve always wanted kids but after I received that news I decided even though I can’t have kids, I can still raise and grow something beautiful. So house plants, plants in general will always mean a lot to me. I kind of don’t feel hole if I don’t have a plant around.

  5. Papa Johns, don’t ask me why, but I’ve been obsessed with Papa Johns pizza forever. It’s literally the only corp. pizza I like. And Kyle and I did the math….we order from our local PJ every week….

  6. Traveling, I love to travel. It’s my biggest dream to travel the entire 50 states in a renovated VW bus and see everything I need to see…which could take A LONG TIME but I love to travel. I love to see new places, new things, meet people from other places. I feel like I’ll never figure out where I want to live permanently because every time I visit a new place I fall in love and want to live there.

  7. Music, I’ve been a music lover since I was little. My mom would play Kenny G. to get me to take naps after our beach trips and I listen to so many different types and genres of music for so many different moods. When I’m hyped, when I’m tired, when I’m sad, when I’m lonely, or stressed. There’s a song for everything and I really feel like without it I wouldn’t be able to connect to myself on a deeper level.

  8. CHOCOLATE, I’m not sure if you’ve read my facts about me post but if you did, then you know I HAVE to have dessert before bed..and pretty much any time I want it. Chocolate makes me break out BUT ya girl still needs her fix. It’s so comforting cuddling up with a blanket and a tv show and something chocolate; ice cream, pop tart, fudge ANYTHING.

  9. My parents, I’m an only child and my parents and I are super close. We always have been. I’ve moved back and forth between their house and my own once or twice but I go there almost every day after work to see them and hang out and steal a little bit of dinner or food…or toilet paper..whatever I need LOL. They’ve always been overly supportive and always willing to go the extra mile to make my life better and make me happy. I’m super lucky to have them.

  10. Kyle, yep. It’s time to get sappy, I promise this won’t turn into a love story but if we’re being completely honest, I couldn’t live without him. I’ve tried while he’s been on tour and it’s extremely hard to just do simple tasks without him. He’s my best friend and my rock and I’m so lucky to have him living this life with me. He makes me feel so special and so strong and keeps me so positive and makes me really believe in myself more than I ever have.