Rituals Experience

Close your eyes, remember the last time you were at a spa. The peaceful music, the light, relaxing smells, the warm towels. Now open your eyes….you’re not at the spa are you? You’re probably at work, reading this on your phone wishing you were at the spa.

What would you say if I told you you could have a spa night every night?

You can.

Rituals is a company that creates luxury spa like products for you to use at home. From shower gels and foams, even oils and lotions. With their products, real love and passion goes into each and every product made. They study places like India and Japan, and discover their own rituals that they used on our ancestors to keep our Mind, Body and Soul balanced.

I tried the Ritual of Ayurveda shower foam and body cream; I fell in love with both the first time I used them. The scent alone was enough to put me right in the middle of relaxation.


So a little bit about the Ritual Of Ayurveda - The main focus is to create a perfect form of balance in our lives. Ancient wisdom from India tells us that we can do this and improve your health and well being by cleansing and keeping your energy nourished.

They use ingredients like Indian Rose, which is the universal symbol for purity and love, and Almond oil which is rich in proteins and vitamins but is also very mild, so if you have sensitive skin, like me, this would be a perfect fit for you.

I have overly sensitive skin, like it’s kind of annoying if I’m being honest. Especially when I have to shave. Everything burns, gives me a rash or I have horrible red bumps all over my legs. When I used this shower foam, it reminded me of a normal shaving foam but immediately I realized this foam was much richer, the scent was more relaxing and I didn’t have razor bumps after I shaved. You only need a tiny bit to create a rich foam for your entire body.


Once I got out of the shower, I used the Ayurveda body cream and wow that was like heaven in a jar. The cream is thick, but not thick enough to leave you feeling like you need to reshower. The scent was so relaxing and calming, my entire body felt like I had just left the spa and crawled into bed.


Below I’ve linked the two products I tried and LOVED

Rituals Website
The Ritual of Ayurveda Shower Foam- $15
The Ritual of Ayurveda Body Cream- $33