Let's Save Our Oceans

How many of you use plastic bags? Okay, so how many of you REUSE those same plastic bags?

Not too many of us reuse those plastic bags until they just can’t be used anymore. I know I used to keep them in a bigger bag and they used to just sit in my kitchen closet….which I guess is better than the ocean but not by much.

Facts About Plastic ….And Our Oceans

  1. One singular plastic cup takes OVER 60 years to FULLY decompose. That’s right….your grandchildren will still have to deal with your stupid solo cup.

  2. That plastic bag that you just threw out, when it makes it to the ocean can single handedly killed over 1 million sea creatures a year.

  3. It’s estimated that over 13 billion POUNDS of plastic trash is dumped into OUR oceans every year. That’s a lot.

  4. By the year 2050 (just 32 years) plastic will outweigh living creatures in the ocean.

  5. Only 1% of all plastic bags are actually returned to recycle.

But there’s good news…

I Will Take Care of You is a brand that is helping fight for our oceans and environments welfare. 50% of all of their profits that they receive from their online storefront that has adorable t-shirts AND this super handy REUSABLE bag goes to National Marine Sanctuaries. Who in return, are fighting to protect our underwater treasures. (And believe me, there are TRILLIONS)

By purchasing one of these bags, you are helping save our oceans by not letting another plastic bag find it’s way into the ocean. For just $12 you can make a contribution to your ocean and help keep it clean. You can use these bags to grocery shop, clothing shop, put your lunch in, or even just carry it around to show off that you love to save your planet.


If you’d like to browse their store and pick a few things out, head over to their website.
I Will Take Care Of You

If you’d like to purchase my bag (it comes in two color schemes)

If you’d like to learn more about The National Marine Sanctuaries, click here.