Winter Vibes

I had a bunch of people asking me on instagram where I got my boots and skirt from, so I figured I would just make a full on post about the entire outfit!

Living in Florida, especially such a southern part of Florida, means it doesn’t get very cold. At most, it usually drops to the 50s. Which is cold enough for me to whip out the turtle neck and thigh high boots. So for this specific day I decided to do both!

I loved my mom’s skirt she bought so I decided to borrow it from her closet for the day and pair it with my favorite boots and leather jacket. The skirt had a nice pop of color so it was super easy to match with the black boots and leather jacket. I like how short the skirt is, it was almost like it was meant for how high the boots go. Tweed is super in in the fall and winter and I’m so glad I snagged the skirt, it’s such a classy easy to wear fabric.

It took me literally a week and a half to find a plain black turtle neck, and you’d be surprised I looked EVERYWHERE. I finally found one after almost giving up, on my third trip to Forever21 hanging on a random rack and it just happened to be my size. So I guess I lucked out! I tied it all together with my Frame Moto Jacket that I bought while I worked at Saks ages ago, it’s my go to jacket when I want to darken the outfit up and also keep it classic. It’s got silver accents so it literally goes with everything. I always feel like such a bad ass when I pair this jacket and these boots. A little bit of biker gang vibes, and I love it. Tie it in with a suuuper straight upper pony tail and BOOM you have a killer look.

Skirt (While writing this, I guess they don’t actually sell the same color skirt online anymore but here’s a similar one!)
Similar Boots
Moto Jacket