3 Simple Ways to Spruce Up Your Apartment


Moving into your first apartment (or even your 5th) is always such a fun and exciting time. I remember moving into my very first apartment back in 2014 in a super small, studio type apartment with a window banger, in the dead of summer heat in Florida. (My first piece of advice? Don’t ever move into an apartment with a small window banger in Florida. Worst mistake, ever.)  My first apartment was a cute key west inspired apartment with a super small kitchen and a fridge that barely held two gallons of milk. The ac didn’t reach the bedroom so I had a portable fan in the bedroom to move the air to the bedroom so I wasn’t melting in my sleep. But it was mine.

One thing that made it mine was my own personal sense of style when I moved in. I would go to (and still do) Home Goods with my mom every sunday and find cool little knick knacks for my shelves and my night stands and pictures to hang on the wall. 

To me, an apartment or even home is never complete, there is always more that can be added, but here are my top 3 things that will really spruce up your apartment, whether you’re just moving in or just need some inspiration to bring some life to your bedroom! 



Welcome Home

It might sound silly but having a doormat is the easiest way to level up your apartment, even though it’s not even IN your apartment, all of your neighbors will notice and think you have some sense of style. ( and it’s that who we’re really trying to impress here?) A doormat can make all the difference when you come home, it’s the first thing wishing you a hello or a goodbye! Having a doormat shows off your personality too! Target has so many in store and online for roughly $12, which really isn't bad at all! 

The more practical reason to have a doormat is to collect all that dirt, mud or even snow ( for those of you not in Florida). It even helps with those muddy paws too! 


What’s that smell? 

When you walk into someone’s home, what’s one of the first things you notice? 

The smell! I think I’ve lost count of how many candles I have in my own house, most of them are all from Bath & Body, their White Barn Collection is absolutely amazing. They’re the only candles that I can actually smell and KEEP smelling even after they’ve burnt out. Having candles has always helped me relax and feel more at home. Depending on the scent you can totally make your apartment smell like a nice fall evening even when it’s summer! Live in a big city but want to feel like you’re on the beach drinking a margarita? Get a candle! Live by the ocean but miss the pine trees? Get a CANDLE! 


A lot of places even have therapy scents as well, just like shower gels! Some help calm you down, get you ready for bed and others wake you up. They’re not on the expensive side either, depending on where you get them from. Target has different types that are under $10 and Bath and Body 3-wick candles are $24, it just depends on where you go! 



Calling All My Green Thumb Friends

Recently I’ve gotten really into houseplants, succulents, vines, flowers, veggies, everything I can grow from my windowsill. I started with just a mini sunflower in a bag, you can find them at Barnes & Noble they’re super simple to do! They come with the bag to plant them in, and the dirt which is measured perfectly to pour into the bag and a package of seeds! My sunflower pack came with a handful of seeds so I saved a few for later so that I can plant them again in another pot. After I fell in love with the process of watching the sunflower sprout up and grow, I got a few more from my mom’s boutique and stopped by Home Depot and grabbed a few succulents for the window as well, they’re extra easy to take care of even if you don’t have a green thumb. 


House plants are a very easy way to help your apartment feel more like a home, they improve the oxygen around you, they help you sleep better, and you can grow your own seasonings and even veggies! And who doesn’t love the idea of practically free veggies you can eat?!