Simple Pieces to Make a Statement

I feel like a few years ago it was all about BIG and BOLD statement pieces, I remember going to Francesca’s and Forever21 and stocking up on big necklaces and bulky stackable bracelets. Now, I feel like it’s all about the simple pieces. Small, easy, simple. 


One of my go to makeup artists had an adorable initial block necklace from Anthropologie that I HAD to have. It was $38 (  and it goes with literally everything. It only comes in the Gold finish, but hey, everyone loves a little gold! It’s even a great gift to give for a sister in college or for a birthday. It’s at a perfect length too so if you really wanted to you could def layer it with something longer. The letter itself is super lightweight and is the perfect size, in the picture online it seems a little big but in hand it’s actually a perfect size ratio, it has a few different clasp lengths too so you can choose if you want it a little lower or if you want it to be a true choker 



My personal go to layering pieces are from Enewton, I have two and I can’t wait to collect more. They have so many different styles to pick from, and a lot of different styles. I have the Harmony necklace ( and the Halo necklace ( I purchased them on two separate occasions but they ended up layering perfectly together. They’re both gold ( I guess that’s my favorite finish ),  I bought them at Serendipity but you can find them online too, the only difference it that you have to pay for shipping. Serendipity also has a super nice selection of their bracelets as well, which I’m hoping to pick up a few. Their beaded bracelets are super cute too, they go really well with a watch and even just alone.