How To Dress For Fall....Without The Fall Weather

Everyone loves fall for one reason or another,

I think a lot of us love fall because of all of the adorable clothing we get to wear and the SHOES. OH the SHOES….
One thing I’ve gotten used to while living in Florida, is that 9 times of out 10 is that it won’t be cold enough for fall, to wear fall clothes. Maybe in late December and Janurary but that’s not Fall! I guess we kind of force ourselves to wear these super cute clothes even when we’re dying under them.

Here’s my little guide to dressing for fall without the fall weather!

Layers layers LAYERS,

it’s the easiest way to make your regular summer dress a little more fall appropriate. One thing I always resort to is getting a nice lighter weight cardigan or even just an oversized button down. I love the tan and more warm tones, that’s my first go, throw some warmer shades in the outfit and BOOM you could go from summer 18 to fall 18 in 2 seconds.

Chunky Sweaters for DAYS

One of my favorite things to do in fall is wear big chunky sweaters, they turn any outfit into a fall look. I also love big heavier textures, corduroy pants and even skirts can do the trick. I try to stick to sweaters that can still be pleasing to my body type instead of just HUGE baggy sweaters because sometimes your bodies can get lost in all that fabric. I’ve found a few at F21 but my favorite one came from Saks. I throw it over my skater skirts and they always look super adorable, and generally because I’m in a skirt I’m never too hot.